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This is the IO section of the Bitstream. The place where life enters the warm arena of ones and zeros.

News and well, anything happening about this site and so forth are found here.

July 10, 2014

Issues 24 and 25 have been posted in .PDF format!

July 5, 2014

Issues 24 and 25 have been posted in geoPaint Paint Image form (converted to jpg via XnConvert on a Linux Boxer). Some pages are easy reads, some more difficult, and some impossible. That is the nature of geoPaint when printing from geoPublish to geoPaint.

June 30, 2014

The aforementioned game site seems to now be gone. :( I want to thank all those involved in the scanning and PDFing of these issues. They are available for DL. On the morgue page.

I think I know where the hardcopies are and may be able to get them available. More, should this story develop.

June 27, 2014

A legacy game site has archived (scanned) all the existing issues of DH! I renamed them and am posting them here (although they will be one NC's .org site). I didn't ask, but neither did they! I do plan to let them know and link to them as they are most likely to be more update on things....

This just in...

February 23, 2005

Note the new email addy: I should be updating these pages with the new addy today and tomorrow.

Where do the scans sit? Well, as you may have noticed the last set got messed up and the sizes were not right. I've been doing home schooling and not much else. More as the story develops...

February 19, 2002

Issue 2 has been scan, many typos corrected (inside Personal Paint no less!) and posted! Hopefully scanning of Issue 3 will commence soon.

April 28, 2001

The first issue has been scanned! The page is build. I just need to get the pages to load individually so they can be viewed online.

Plans to HTML the pages are still in place. This is to happen long after all scanned issues are in place and all new issues are HTMLed.

June 8, 2000

I think I am done! I see lots of empty boxes in the garage that I need to put into storage, and empty boxes and bags of shipping material for the other boxes full of what I call eBayables.

I think it is unpacked, despite the efforts of the mover to jumble and mix things up. It's about time! Now the bad news is, I haven't located the Spinners, but since the eBaying as resumed, they should surface fairly soon.

I am online again. I have been away since Mid December 1999. Mia works at home on the iMac and the phone line, so it is the wee hours of the morning when I am on using an Escom AG Amiga 1200 (this thing is rather a hot rod really. It has a 50 Mhz accelerator and 52 Megs of memory!) I am using an older browsers, so posting my not be as it should, at least not here. I have problems posting on eBay, but Angelfire and GeoCities works fine. My Jan. update had to be scrapped from cache as it didn't appear in the edit. I am using the WebTV area -- looks just like the posting area was back when I first arrived, so you know I love it!

January 1, 2000:

Well, the move went. I'd say well, but I have been sorting through the mix up of boxes for 2 months. About Thanksgiving time I decided to just make it look good and slowly get it sorted and setup. Fortunately, it was mostly Studio boxes that got scrambled. I have a scanner, and should be ready to scan issues with the next month.

September 7, 1999:

We are moving! Not the site -- our selves. Around mid October there should be some stuff happening here. Until then I will be slowly packing as I recover from my surgery.

April 3, 1999:

Things have been clearing out! New space is arriving! What? I'm getting some things I no longer want -- out of the garage. This is simply making room at the workbench so I can photograph the pallet computers and post them in TACS. My list of projects is slowly getting smaller and the project here is moving toward the top. I plan to scan covers first -- and soon.

The Spinners have been found! Ok, many of them have been located. But this is good news, as this means that sometime soon they will become available.

There appear to be at least two categories:

1) those that were made and

2) those that were made but are bad.

It will just be a matter of figuring out what is what. More on this as the story develops....

update: September 1998

It looks as though the posting schedule is to be early Winter -- one page at a time. I'm not quite sure as to the how yet, but at least there is a start timeframe.

No word on Spinners. There have been several located and a test area does exist, but as to when tests can begin, that is unknown. They need to be tested to see just what there is before posting them.

IO has been hit times.