dieHard Back Issues!!!!!

dieHard Back Issues!!!!!

dieHard Back Issues!!!

Hardcopy! Want to own the actual magazine? Well, I think we located them. I just have to dig them out! When that happens, I'll post the info here. Meanwhile, this store is closed, but you can still look around.

dieHard, the Flyer for commodore 8bitters was, at one time, the Nation's number one commodore 8-bit magazine written for and by commodore users. dieHard covers all commodore 8-bit computers, with how-to articles, reviews, specific system information, GEOS, commodore trivia -- there are even type-in programs!

#11 Jun/Jul '93 The Connection! $7.00
Highlights: review of The Simpsons Arcade Game, geoTips, Basic BASIC, PAPSAW, review of Clowns, and Q&A.

#12 Aug '93 Special PD Issue $7.00
Highlights: Tips, review of Gary Label Maker V4, review of Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit, Q&A, and Programs.

#13 Sep '93 Plug In! $7.00
Highlights: Qlink news, Basic BASIC, hooking up modems, review of JiffyDOS, geoTips, Cyberspace Cowboy, review of Partner 64, Q&A, and Programs.

#16 Dec '93 Merry Christmas!! $7.00
Highlights: A Computerist's Christmas, REVIEW!, A Christmas Card in PRG, Telecommunications -- Your Commodore And You, of pink novels, software turntables and forgotten logitheques.

#18 Mar '94 Control Program for Microprocessors! $7.00
Highlights: INPUT;READER$, Rarities, CP/M, Cyberspace Cowboy, Ms. Knombers, Trader's Corner, Archaic Computer, PRG.

#19 Apr '94 Special Amigaless Issue!!! $7.00
Highlights: Have You Seen LOADSTAR Lately?!?, Rarities, Basic BASIC, Cyberspace Cowboy, Q&A, Trader's Corner, Archaic Computer, PRG.

#20 Jun '94 Hey! This Is Our Two Year Anniversary Issue!!!! $7.00
Highlights: INPUT;READER$, Rarities, LOADSTAR Turns Ten!, Cyberspace Cowboy, Jack Blewitt sets Ms. Knombers back on track!, Trader's Corner, Archaic Computer.

#21 Jul/Aug '94 Rarities, Rarities, Rarities, and more Rarities!!! $7.00
Highlights: C128 CP/M, 8-Bit 4-Pass Color Tutorial, 8-Bit The Low Cost Computing Alternative, PRG.

#22 Sept '94 Archaic Computer Comes Of Age. $7.00
Highlights: Grappling The Great Gooey, Rarities, Cast in a Veil of Fog, DOS Bugs and Quirks, Collector's Corner.

#23 Oct '94 Digital Nightmare!!! $7.00
This is the last issue to make out the door! Highlights: Case in Point, Grappling The Great Gooey II, Archaic Computer, PRG.

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